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A House Placed In Between
- Poetry in the comfortable grey zone - (2020)

An ambiguous notion of territory, property and home.

In 2009, the embassy of Democratic Republic of the Congo located in the Hague, Netherlands was suddenly closed. Behind the closure, a legal fight had been taking place between the state of the Congo and a debt collector. One year later in 2010, a few days before the new squatting law entered into force, the embassy was squatted. Soon, it was transformed into a collective living house with music, art and communal events.

The film is based on Takeuchi’s performative research, that through re-enactment, explores the different perspectives and narratives in and around the occupied embassy. The film is a contemplative reflection of the “protected” artists living in this ambiguous grey zone, while questioning the colonial legacy that was and is still embedded in today’s political system and our perceptions.

Research 2012 - Production inc. re-edit into 2 channels 2018-2020
38 min, 2 channels, colour, HD
Language: English&French
Subtitle available in: English, French and Japanese

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