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Congo in Harlem 14
14 - 31 October 2022


The14th annual program will take place in-person at Maysles Documentary Center, N.Y as well as stream online October 14th - 31st for FREE

A House Placed in Between will be screened on 23th October as well as streaming during the festival period.

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Image (c) Dolet Malalu


03 - 12 JUNE 2022

I(sh)ango Encounter is an annual gathering of artists, intellectuals, and communities dedicated to reimagining the place—and possibilities—of art and storytelling in the contemporary world. Named in honor of the Ishango bone and the indigenous knowledge it represents, Ishango Encounters include a combination of film screenings, photo and video installations, live performances, public conversation, and academic debates that collectively advance decolonial efforts to liberate African futures.

A House Placed in Between will be screened on 10th June.

I will be in artist in residency at Yole!Africa for the period. During the festival, I will conduct 2 days workshop for Mama and children of Yole!Farm.

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5. Apr 2022 19:00 (CET)

Online panel Discussion
'Intangibility within the tangible spaces of coloniality
– Create solidarity from different positions –'

- Distance, Intimacy, Intangibility within the tangible spaces of post/neo-colonial era.
- Building relations to own localities through de-colonialized sensibilities.
- Squatting in decolonial perspectives
- How to create solidarity from different positions for more awareness and actual change towards equality?

Moderator: Fazle Shairmahomed(NL)

Panel Speakers:
Cheik FITA (CD/BE)
Rukumbuzi Delphin Ntanyoma(CD/NL)
Toshie Takeuchi(JP/DK)

Read More Here:

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